Please measure as described below.

  • Please measure your hound standing only, not lying or snoozing.
  • Measure your greyhound – whippet at neck-back “join” – Point A
  • To where tail just begins to separate from the back – Point B
  • Include the whole (top) contours of the dog’s back (not along the side of the body)
  • Please measure in inches
  • Please measure more than once, three times ideally.
  • If in any doubt, please ask
  • NB: If your hound is a greyhound crossed with another breed of similar type (e.g. Saluki etc), it helps us if we know first, so please email us, and we can discuss this with you.

For Whippets in between sizes

All whippet coats are one inch longer than the size, so a 20” coat is 21” long. If your dog is in between sizes, please follow these steps.

For example; if your dog is 21″ long we suggest a 22″ coat. This coat would
normally be 23″ long, but we can reduce the length by one inch if you wish.
Drop us a quick note to mention this, we will then take one inch from the length of the coat when making it up.
This will make ensure the coat is a good fit body wise, but not overly long.
Hope this makes sense. If in doubt, please ask or go to our contact page, and we will get right back to you.

For Greyhounds in between sizes

Greyhound coats are longer than the size by a few inches. As an example a 26″ coat will fit a 27″ hound, because of the extra length. A 29″ hound will be fine in a 28″ coat, but a 30″ hound will need a size 30″. However if in doubt, please ask.