Please measure as described below.

  • Please measure your hound standing only, not lying or snoozing.
  • Measure your greyhound or whippet from top of between shoulder blades – To tail start – (where the tail is thickest).
  • Include the whole (top) contours of the dog’s back (not along the side of the body)
  • Please measure in inches
  • Please measure more than once, three times ideally.
  • If in any doubt, please ask
  • NB: If your hound is a greyhound crossed with another breed of similar type (e.g. Saluki etc), it helps us if we know first, so please email us, and if possible send us a picture. We can then assess any special edits.

For Whippets in between sizes

All whippet coats are a little longer than the size – for rump coverage. (approx 2″ max)
Please don’t include this extra added by us, in the size you choose for your coat/s.
If you’re unsure which size, please ask us send email to or go to our contact page,

For Greyhounds in between sizes

Greyhound coats are longer than the size by a few inches for rump coverage. Please don’t include this in the measurement you choose for
your coat/s. Please email if you are unsure of what size to order.