PLEASE NOTE, Sizing Update October 2021

We have made some adjustments to the ‘skirt’ of all coats
within the last couple of weeks, thus reducing the amount of fabric over the
rear thighs. This means there is also less over-hang of fabric at the tail end, so if you have purchased a coat from us previously, please re check sizing, and measure using the edited guide below.

Please measure as described below.

  • Please measure your hound standing only, not lying or snoozing.
  • Measure your greyhound or whippet from the lowest point of the neck – the neck/back ‘join’ – to tail start – (where the tail is thickest).
  • Include the whole (top) contours of the dog’s back (not along the side of the body)
  • Please measure in inches
  • Please measure more than once, three times ideally.
  • If in any doubt, please ask
  • NB: If your hound is a greyhound crossed with another breed of similar type (e.g. Saluki etc), it helps us if we know first, so please email us, and if possible send us a picture. We can then assess any special edits.

For Whippets in between sizes

All coats for both whippets and greyhounds are a little longer than the size by an inch and half or so. Please don’t account for this in the size ordered. The extra is simply rump coverage