All Greyhound and Whippet Coats are hand made to order. Choose any fabric combination, using the swatch page for your colours choice.  Coats arrive within a week or less from order date. 

Please order the correct size

As all coats are made individually, please check you have the correct size before ordering. If you are unsure of size, please go to our measurement guide shown on menu above. Alternatively please email us via our contact page for help.

Harness Space: We can add a harness space to your coat if required. Please read below

How to Measure for Harness Space & How to tell us

We need the distance from the neck seam (snood seam) to the point where harness space begins. Underneath the coat product description there is a box marked Harness or Lead Opening. Type request in the box.  Example "please insert harness space 5" from neck seam" (Or lead space if that is preferred). 

International Customers
Please note the currency converter at the top of the page and click the drop-down menu to convert to your currency.

Straps or Velcro?
The majority of customers have had a preference for Velcro over time, though straps are still available. Please add note to Notes for Order under product section, if straps are required on your coat/s.

NEW Merchandise Section for February 2018 - we are currently adding a new range of products, these will be added over the next few days and weeks, so please bear with us, as the collection will be growing with many more new designs. 

Greyhound Chi Chi Cotton Lined Raincoat Black with Jungle Print lining

Greyhound Chi Chi Raincoat

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Greyhound Twin Top Double Fleece

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Greyhound Shower Mac + Hood

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Whippet Raincoat Fleece Lined

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Whippet Chi Chi Raincoat

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Whippet Shower Mac with Hood

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Whippet House Coat PJ's

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