Please measure as described below.

  • Our measurement guide for coats is simple and straightforward. Just two measurements as all coats are proportional to each size.
  • Please measure your hound standing only, not lying or snoozing.
  • Measure your greyhound or whippet from the lowest point of the neck – the neck/back ‘join’ – to tail start – (where the tail is thickest).
  • Include the whole (top) contours of the dog’s back (not along the side of the body)
  • Please measure in inches
  • Please measure more than once, three times ideally.
  • If in any doubt, please ask
  • NB: If your hound is a greyhound crossed with another breed of similar type (e.g. Saluki etc), it helps us if we know first, so please email us, and if possible send us a picture. We can then assess any special edits.

Please note

All coats for both whippets and greyhounds are a little longer than the size by an inch and half or so for whippets a couple of inches + for greyhounds. Please don’t account for this in the size ordered. The extra is rump coverage, so the coat does not end exactly at the tail ‘join’

In between sizes

If your hound is in between sizes, for example you have a whippet that is 21″ long, and unsure whether to choose size
20″ or 22″. We will suggest a size 22″ which we will reduce by one inch. Please let us know if you’re dog in this category so we know to reduce the coat accordingly.

Measurement guide 2022