Poppy and Oscar Hepples

How We Started

Back in 2011 there were few greyhound coats on the market that inspired us, and with two gorgeous adopted hounds, we had to come up with something. So, we designed some. We wanted smart but also functional, rather than just rugs over their bodies.

Because of the tender thin skins and sensitive disposition of greyhounds, we knew how much they appreciated being kept warm in the winter, cool in summer and dry when its raining, not to mention cosy and snug on the sofa (!) on cold winter nights when the heating goes off, and we humans are tucked up in bed under the covers.

We also wanted those bare bald chests covered. Getting that to work initially was a challenge, but we overcame it in the end. We were probably the first to design greyhound coats with chest covers. This is a huge plus, as now, most dog coats on the market have some sort of chest cover.

Lily Peeps greyhound and whippet coats are hand made in our small workshop in Staffordshire. The average lined hound coat takes a full hour to cut out and another full hour to sew up and finish.

This is our third website we had issues with the last one, so we started again from scratch, during October 2019, it’s still in the embryo stage. If you have any problems at all whilst visiting the website, please do let us know!


Though never having owned whippets ourselves, back in 2013 we were approached by a lady with four whippets. She wanted raincoats for each of them. We set to work using the lady’s dogs as a templates. From then we began making coats for whippets too. Now, we make at least an equal number of whippet coats to greyhound coats.

We are really grateful to all our customers, past and present, many of whom come back year after year for new coats for their existing or newly acquired greyhounds & whippets, and for their kind and generous comments – often accompanied by photographs – which are shared here on our gallery page and also our Facebook page.

Thank you for reading.