Swatch Page Fabrics

NEW 100% Cotton Tartan, Red+Green, Dark Red+Navy, Purple+White, Black+White
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Raincoat Fabric - For All Greyhound and Whippet Raincoats (except shower macs)
Black, Red, Burgundy, Country Green, Emerald Green, Royal, Purple
NEW Mustard Yellow (for April 2018)

Mustard Yellow Raincoat fabric NEW

Black Raincoat FabricRed Raincoat Fabric

Burgundy Raincoat FabricEvergreen Raincoat Fabric

Emerald GreenRoyal Raincoat Fabric

Greyhound and Whippet Shower Mac Fabrics  
Black, Evergreen, Red, Royal, Navy

Black Shower Mac FabricEvergreen Shower Mac Fabric

Red Shower Mac FabricRoyal Shower Mac Fabric

Navy Shower Mac Fabric

Fleece Fabrics - Greyhound and Whippet Coats

Black, Brown, Camel, Wine, Purple, Fuchsia Pink
Grey, Red, Royal, Cornflower Blue, Evergreen, Lime Shock, Cream

Black Fleece FabricBrown Fleece

Camel beige fleece fabricWine fleece fabric

Purple Fleece FabricFuchsia Pink Fleece Fabric

Grey Fleece FabricRed Fleece Fabric

Royal Fleece FabricPowder Blue Fleece Fabric

Evergreen Fleece FabricLime Shock Fleece Fabric

Cream fleece below

Cream Fleece

Cotton Lining Fabrics - 
For all coats (except Shower and Summer coats )

NEW 100% Cotton Tartan, Red+Green, Dark Red+Navy, Purple+White, Black+White

Cotton Tartan Red+GreenTartan Dark Red+Navy

Tartan Purple+WhiteTartan Black+White

Cotton Lining Fabrics - for all coats except shower macs

Red Spot, Evergreen Spot, Taupe Spot, Mink Spot, Deep Lilac Spot, Royal Large Spot, Grey Spot, Black Spot, Harlequin Spot, Harlequin Stripe, Skulls on Black, Paisley Aubergine, Strawberry Floral, Coffee Floral, NEW Poppies on Black, Deep Pink Daisies, Anemones on Black, Pink Rosebuds on Cream, Pink Rosebuds on Navy, Delft Blue Floral, Firecracker, Jungle Print, White Stars on Pale Blue, White Hearts on Pale Pink, Bears on Blue, Bears on Red  NEW: Grey Spot Cotton 

Red Spot Cotton Evergreen Spot Cotton

Taupe Spot CottonMink Spot Cotton

Deep Lilac Spot CottonRoyal Large Spot Cotton

Grey cotton printBlack small spot cotton

Harlequin Spot CottonHarlequin Stripe Cotton

Skulls on Black CottonPaisley Aubergine Cotton

Strawberry Floral CottonCoffee Floral Cotton

Poppies on black cotton

Deep Pink Daisies CottonPoppies on Black Cotton

Pink Rosebuds on White CottonPink Rosebuds on Navy Cotton

Delft Blue Floral CottonFirecracker Cotton

Jungle Print CottonWhite Hearts on Pink Cotton

White Stars on Pale Blue CottonBears on Blue Cotton

Bears on Red Cotton    

Faux Fur Fabrics - For Ariane and Arnaud Luxury Greyhound and Whippet Coats. Baby Giraffe, Baby Leopard. NB: This fabric is not thick fur, it is a velboa which is soft light and snug, but not of the same weight as a fleece fur.

Baby Giraffe Faux FurBaby Leopard Faux Fur