Greyhound and Whippet Coat Measurement Guide

What size do you need? 
Please take a moment to look at our Greyhound and Whippet coat measurement guide. When we make a coat for your hound, we use the measurements you give to us, so it is important to get the sizing right.

: The A - B line (back length) must include the full contours of your hound's back, rather than a straight line from neck to tail start.
Greyhound Whippet Measurement Guide
PLEASE NOTE - Our coats are designed to fit pure bred Greyhounds & Whippets they are not always an ideal fit for lurchers or cross bred greyhounds/whippets. If in doubt please ask.

How to Measure:
  1. Ask your dog nicely to stand up straight.
  2. Find the point where neck meets the back at an angle (see diagram above). This is the first marker for your tape. NB: Don't measure ANY part of the neck, just the flat of the back.
  3. Find where the tail joint starts. A good tip is to lift the tail upwards, this creates an angle and shows the point for the second marker for your tape.
  4. Now measure the two points A to B
  5. Greyhounds normally range from 26” to 30/32”. 
    Whippets (generally) range from 18" to 24" 
  6. All coats are longer than the actual measurement size (one inch on whippet coats, two for greyhound coats). This extra allows for rump coverage. Please do not add this extra length to the size you choose. For example if  your dog measures 26" long, then choose a 26" coat and NOT a 24"
  7. Measure your hound THREE times; if the measurement is the same on all three occasions you know you have it right.
  1. HARNESS OPENINGS are not fitted as standard on our coats*
    If required please state when ordering
    , please also remember to tell us where it should go - e.g. distance from snood seam to harness opening etc.
    For example: "please add harness space 5" from neck seam"
  2. * Lead openings are standard in Shower Macs & Summer Coats