Thoroughbred Gear for Sighthounds
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About us

How we started 

In 2011 we began looking for new coats for our own hounds and were quite disappointed with what was available. So we decided to make our own. We wanted something stylish but comfortable and most importantly warm and weatherproof. We designed some coats and tested them out.

There were teething problems along the way, and we found that our patterns weren't always going to work for every dog. Cross breeds in particular could be difficult to fit. We wanted to focus entirely on sight hounds because that is the breed we knew and understood. This breed is also the most in need of warmth and weather protection because of their fragile skins and thin coats.

There have been many modifications and 'edits' to the coats along the way. By 2015 we felt we'd finally got it right. We now sell our coats all over the world which gives us great pleasure - knowing that we are keeping hounds warm and elegantly dressed in several corners of the world. 

All our coats are designed for the typical Greyhound & Whippet shape, with the long sloping back, deep chest, long slender neck and narrow 'waist'.
We have a coat for most circumstances. Raincoats, Shower Macs, Winter double fleece coats,single fleece coats, (fleece outer with cotton lining), as well as house coats, and summer coats.

We are planning all the time, so keep an eye out for new creations as we evolve. 
All our coats are individually hand made by us in our workshop in England.
We hope there is something here for your hound, but if, there is something missing that you would very much like to have, then please ask!. If we can do it we will, if we can't we can't. We always welcome your feedback, so feed us!

Anything you need to know then you can reach us via our contact page. 
Thank you!