Greyhound Ear Rings




Gorgeous hand made greyhound ear rings. Perfect gift for you or other greyhound lovers.
Made from durable hardened clay, painted & varnished. Fitted with a choice of sterling silver hooks, or studs.

Size – 26 cm nose tip to top of ear. (a little over one inch)

Currently in two colours – marbled grey or marbled gold. Others available shortly.

Grey – Dolly
Gold – Pru

NB:  Please bear in mind these ear rings are 100% hand made, not from a factory mold,
so there may be slight imperfections, they are adorable nonetheless, we think you will love them. 



Additional information

Greyhound Ear Ring Colour

Dolly (grey), Pru (gold)

Ear ring fitment

Hook, studs (or post)